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Cosmic Creative

Brand design

Cosmic Creative is a digital copywriting service for businesses in the career, finance, and tech industries.
Rebecca, the founder, reached out looking for clarity and guidance about the built of her new brand. She knows the importance of showing up online, and the importance of building a brand that stands out and resonates with her ideal customers.

With the proper framework, we worked on her foundations, explored different ideas, and defined key business concepts every brand should have clarified before they show up in the world.

Real words. Real connections.

Cosmic Creative is dedicated to providing psychology-based copywriting services to business owners who are committed to building strong and long-lasting businesses who value integrity, respect and empathy.

Brand values

Ambition and Commitment
Cosmic Creative values professionals who are ambitious not only about their own business ventures but also about making a positive impact on the world.
Respect and Empathy

Mutual respect for one another and being able to see the world from someone else’s perspective is highly valued by Cosmic Creative. 

Cosmic Creative values safe and open spaces for productive discussions. Not only with clients, but online audiences as well.
Cosmic Creative trusts their clients to stand by their values and is committed to doing the same. Building a strong reputation is one of Cosmic Creative’s goals.
Creative. Compelling. Cosmic.
“I know the importance of investing in myself. I also quickly realized that if I wanted my brand to stand out and resonate with my ideal customers, I needed some serious help.”

“He (Joel) helped me hone in on my vision and mission, took an in-depth look at my target audience (e.g. their biggest challenge, desires, and buying decisions), completed a competitive analysis, figured out what makes my brand unique, narrowed down my brand voice and values, and so much more.”

– Rebecca Scott, Cosmic Creative



Brand imagery

LinkedIn Profile

We’ve redesigned Rebecca’s main brand touchpoint, her LinkedIn profile.

With a new banner image, a unique profile picture and the right messaging throughout, Rebecca is getting new followers consistently.

Social Media Templates

We designed and prepared new social media post templates for Cosmic Creative. These templates are easy to use and fulfill the brand and business needs to build awareness and capture new leads.
Copy that is out of this world!
Thank you!

GrowingDesign © 2022

Finding Tuscany


Set of illustrations to promote a one-week exploring trip through Tuscany, Italy.

This itinerary will feature stays in two heavenly villa properties, daily hikes across the green countryside, yoga sessions & local wine and food tasting, providing a glimpse into authentic Tuscan living.

Finding Tuscany

This adventure includes visits to local ricotta cheese producers and organic lavender farms...
...daily Yoga sessions (at sunrise, during the hikes, or at sunset)...
...walks through winery lands, and taste some of the best Tuscan wines..., combined olive oil and wine meals with long time olive tree grower and olive oil producers.
You will also visit internationally renown ceramic artists...
..and have a chance to prepare and enjoy an Italian Happy Meal!
GrowingDesign © 2014-2021

Pedro Custódio

Motion Designer & 3D Render

I’m a 3D animator and creative director with more than 5 years of experience, working with both musical artists and big companies from all around the world.

Putting imagination to the test is what I do every day. 3D gives people an all-new world of possibilities on what they can achieve for their brand, from the most dramatic and out-of-this-world creations to the more realistic and minimalistic of results.

Create 3D that has meaning, that’s one of my mottos. Creating 3D is one thing, but bringing it to life is another. I always help my clients see that, have the company’s essentials represented in every design or animation we do together.

I’ve started doing graphic design in 2013 and right away, motion design caught my eye! At first, doing 2D animation, but felt restricted in what I was doing. So the only logical way was to start doing 3D, which I did for 1 year in a studio based in Lisbon, always keeping my freelance gigs.

Let’s see what we can achieve with your brand? Shoot me a message.

Patrícia Oliveira

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I’m a graphic designer focused on helping meaningful & nice-people-managed startups stand out by providing custom and appealing brand visuals.

My journey started with product design, but I soon found out that graphic was the way, when I realized that I had more fun creating the communication assets for my products than designing the products themselves.

Along with 4+ years of freelancing, I had the opportunity to help more than 20 (now a bit happier) business owners from all over the world.

They define the experience as reliable, enjoyable, and smooth.
Keep learning is a must, so, some of my time is invested in it, to make sure I’m always updated and ready to come up with creative solutions for any new challenges.

Let’s meet each other! 

Message me about your project or with any questions about my process. If your project seems like a good fit, we can schedule a call to discuss further details.

Manuel Silva

3D Modeler & Illustrator

Ahoy! My name is Manel da Selva. I am a 3D Artist and Illustrator shaman based in Portugal with more than five years of experience!

Since the start of my art shaman path, I’ve shared my 3D modeling, illustration, and graphic design powers.

I’ve graduated from Esad CR and IPCA and for the past 5 years, I’ve been sharing my soul with great clients including the Boom Festival, Mythic Figurines, and Reflare Models. I’ve also had the honor to win 1st place at Esdica Comic Contest!

When I’m not working as a 3D artist I can be found on the Lusitanian forests making ancestral rites and bike riding.

Are you in need of 3D characters or props for print, design, animation, or games? And also looking for something transcendental? I’ll bring your ideas to the realm of the living just as you imagine!

Contact us today!

Jérémy Gabon

Brand design

Focusing on prospecting through LinkedIn, Jérémy Gabon is a coach who accompanies entrepreneurs in their use of social media networks for the development of their business.  

Jérémy Gabon

Calm, helpful and professional.

To have the most positive impact on people's lives so that they can achieve their goals and inspire them to do the same.

We have also chosen important brand values that we'll translate, and manifest in the visual outputs.


To live in complete freedom and without professional and/or monetary obstacles


Jérémy Gabon will listen to you and analyze all your concerns and needs


Thanks to intensive work and appropriate investments, we can take a place above our competitors


Jérémy Gabon shares his knowledge and experience with his audience every day

Helping entrepreneurs developing themselves.

GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
The Sancho Law Firm

Brand design

The Sancho Law Firm is a full-service boutique law firm specializing in real estate transactions, entity creation and maintenance, and estate planning.
The Sancho Law Firm
Experience is our Superpower.

We take pride in guiding our clients through the entire transaction by providing a customized solution that directly benefits their individual needs.

We have also chosen important brand values that we'll translate, and manifest in the visual outputs.


21st-century law firm that features the latest technology and safety advances to ease our clients

Dynamism and Dedication

The firm is flexible and can adapt to the needs and requirements of the client while staying true to the rule of law


Clients are treated like family as the firm becomes 100% invested in their Real Estate transactions from start to finish and beyond

Trust and Fidelity

The Sancho Law Firm, not only wants to earn their client’s business as a one-time occasion but instead, wants to become their partner of choice

From contract to closing!
GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Justice is Now

Brand design

Justice Is Now is a non-profit organization created in honor of rape victims. They aim to stand up and fight to end the damaging practice of rape myths being used as a defense tactic in courtrooms, so future victims do not endure this injustice.

The conviction rate for rape has gone from 6.5% to 3.5% in the UK. Research shows that too many people believe rape myths and victim blame, and these people are the same people who end up on juries.

The brush written signs used on protests are the inspiration for this concept. The brush stroke represents the freedom of speech and the right to shout and express your thoughts and beliefs by your means. With a vivid yet accessible style, anyone can draw it on a sign, t-shirt, or flag and join the cause. The exclamation point shows the urgency and purpose of change. The time is NOW.
Justice is Now

GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Great Taste & No Waste


Illustration set for GoodBites app.

Hong Kong has a huge food waste problem with over 3000 tons going to the landfill daily, much of which can be saved. GoodBites position is to help vendors reduce waste and protect their profits (recovering costs) by selling otherwise wasted food.

GoodBites aims to help society by preventing waste, promoting food education, and raising awareness about the food waste issue.


GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Spelty Biscuit

Brand design

Logo design and illustrations for Spelty Biscuit – a new sub-brand by Amavida Coffee Roasters. The biscuits are made from scratch with the finest spelt, every morning, thus ensuring quality and freshness with each batch.

They aim to be known for having a delicious, traditional, and genuine product. The font used in the logo is thick, warm, and bouncy, reminding the biscuit boxes from our grandma’s house.

Spelty Biscuits

GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Fitness Couple

Brand design

Kristen and Stirling are health and fitness coaches. They offer a comprehensive, personalised online coaching program, focused on helping busy people lose weight, gain energy, build lean muscle, and create lifestyle and nutrition habits that last for sustainable results.

“We think that too many people view health and fitness in the wrong way. Many people tend to put a timeline on what they want to achieve instead of seeing it as an actual lifestyle change. We believe there should be no finish line when it comes to health and that it’s about making small consistent changes that lead to BIG results that LAST.”

Kristen and Stirling

GrowingDesign © 2014-2021

Riya Lalwani

Social Media Content Strategist
I’m here to guide you to more visibility and leads for your coaching business with the help of Instagram.
Through deep-diving sessions, we’ll uncover your brand and business’s “why”, to then create a strategy that works for you and gets you closer to your goals.

Having 4 years of experience in the social media space, I aim to grow coaching businesses through Instagram with strategic content and sales strategies.

Contact us today!


Brand design

Beanism is a coffee brand that offers healthy and sustainable direct-to-consumer products with a strong message about the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health.
Body, Mind, and Bean.


Beanism wants to bring awareness to the importance of Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health while offering healthy and sustainable products directly to the consumer.

Brand values

Being healthy is the absolute core of the brand.
Practicing self-care and seeking well-being is part of the main message.
Recognizing that there are people suffering and the need to take action.
Strong and clear communication.
Moved by a group of people with a common goal.
Appreciating all the people involved in this movement.
For your Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health.

The brand goal is to spread the message and importance of overall well-being but mainly in the three categories of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Beanism will achieve this with products that perfectly align with these three categories, and a strong and constant content creation and sharing across multiple platforms.

Healthy choices made simple.
GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Tiny Leopards

Brand design

~ intro ~
Katrina is a dedicated mom and founder of Tiny Leopards. They are focused on creating clothing for eczema-prone babies that provides structural support to compliment an eczema skin management routine, all while keeping the babies looking cozy and stylish.
But they are not just another cute clothing brand. Katrina’s mission is to help parents protect their babies from their skin struggles, create awareness for this kind of challenges and build an online community to support the families that go through it.
She wanted a brand identity that would stand out and resonate with the brand vision while keeping a kid-friendly yet sophisticated and hip look.
My task here was to translate that mood into meaningful visuals.
Let’s find out how!
Before diving into colors and shapes, we set a session to chat about the brand. You’ll get a simple brand identity questionnaire, and, based on your insights, we’ll develop a mood board. With this, I can fully understand your goals and sense of style that will help us follow the right creative path and ensure we end up with satisfactory results.
~ concept & solution ~
The Tiny Leopards logo exhibits a resting closed eye leopard and reflects the positive outcome the products will have in babies’ lives. It enhances the sense of comfort, relief and protection felt by babies when wearing these special clothes.
The arched typography transmits a sense of playfulness but also protection.
The tiny leopard is comfy, relaxed, and well-accommodated under the rainbow.

color palette

Warm, trendy & cozy:
The color palette gathers gender neutral, hip and warm pastel tones.
social media assets + icon set
Following the brand vision, Katrina wanted to transmit comfort and sleepiness on Tiny Leopards’ social media channels. So, we developed a set of templates containing organic shapes, patterns inspired by leopard spots and light color tones.
The selected typography has nice curvy details that match the overall feeling of the brand.
Remember the brand identity questionnaire I mentioned before?
It helped us create this beautiful brand identity, plus, at the end of the project, all the information was compiled on a Brand Style Guide. This document contains the most important details about the brand, as well as logo usage guidelines and overall visual style, to make sure anyone who works with it, does it cohesively.
GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Sophie Chastanet

Brand design

Sophie Chastanet is a self-development coach, who focuses on real-estate professionals to improve their mindset and prospecting processes. She was looking for a way to meaningfully start building her personal brand.
Sophie already had a following on LinkedIn when she reached out, but felt that brand-wise she didn’t had any focus, defined strategy, goals or clarity on how to do it.
By the end of a 3 months project working with us, Sophie now presents herself to the world in a way that not only makes sense to her and her audience but that also makes her proud, confident and unique!
Accueilir. Accepter. Agir.


Through training and individual sessions, Sophie Chastanet helps real estate agents to become aware of their true value and therefore to better sell themselves.

Brand values


Essential ingredient inherent to each human being to succeed in life.


We get what we want when we’re willing to take action and do what is out of the the ordinary.


Love because with love we can do anything and this is the secret to succeed.


We can be bold and talented in what we do, but if we’re not hard-workers we may not really succeed.


If we want to work on ourselves, we must be true to ourselves. 



The best ability to be kind and generous to others.

L’humain et le business.
The project being a personal brand, we decided to work on a monogram logo that captured the flow and 360º approach Sophie provides her clients with.

The brand goal is to help individuals develop their "raison d'être", their self-esteem so that they can succeed professionally.


A stationery that fully represents Sophie and her brand was created. Her supporting communication materials are now in-tune to her communication style and main brand goals.

L’art de la raison d’etre.

Printed booklet

Sophie's new brand identity can now be easily translated into any sort of marketing material. Always consistent, always visually engaging.

Brand guidelines book

The final step, is the Brand Guidelines Book - easy to understand and follow guidelines to implement the new brand in the most coherent and aligned way.

Thank you!
GrowingDesign © 2014-2021
Able Academy

Brand design

Able Academy is the place to learn about, and get a content marketing strategy that converts untapped audiences into clients.
Filipa, founder of Able Academy wanted to start a new Instagram account for her brand and business.
To start this new journey, we needed to gain business and brand clarity to then build awareness, and with that showcase her services.
Tired of hearing crickets?

Business owners often feel overwhelmed and confused about their content marketing efforts due to the lack of results. Able Academy teaches you how to create and distribute content that converts across different platforms effectively.

Brand values


At our core, we want to teach everything we know.


Being honest and straightforward at all times.


An addition to your team, much more than another hire.


Contributing to society by supporting meaningful charities, causes and foundations.


Feeling responsible for your success.


Always aiming for the best results we can deliver.

Plan. Create. Distribute.
Able Academy already had an existing logo, we gave it a refresh and completed the family set with new variants.

As business owners, creating and distributing content across different platforms is overwhelming. Filipa and her expertise give Able Academy students the necessary structure to do so effectively.



Stock Imagery

Icon Set

Slide Deck Template

For Able Academy to produce long-form content autonomously, we also created a slide deck template.

Social Media Templates

We designed and prepared new social media post templates for Able Academy.

These templates are easy to use and fit the brand and business needs for Able Academy to build awareness.

Tired of creating content and hearing crickets?
Thank you!

GrowingDesign © 2022

Media with Dee

Website Design & Development

Dana helps passionate skilled individuals turn their ideas into content, and their content into impact & revenue.

Dana already had a strong brand presence on Instagram when she came to us looking for a website.

The goal for this new brand touchpoint is to strengthen her overall online presence and brand experience.

She now has a place online she can call her own.

"My goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration so you use social media in an impactful positive way to grow your business and help others while doing what you love."

- Dana Soueid

The project was divided into easy-to-follow phases and the complete process included:

  • Research and mood boarding
  • Content auditing and wireframing
  • Full website design and development (on WordPress)

Services page

Free content page

Mobile version

We spend most of our time on our phones. Having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must. Especially when most of the traffic is going to come from social media!

Built-in link in bio

No need for third-party apps or services, when you have your own website use it to host your unique link in bio for your marketing purposes.

Established entrepreneurs need their own website.

Visit it today and meet
Media with Dee

Thank you!

GrowingDesign © 2022


Website Design & Development

We’re here for those who share our belief that life is full of colourful and beautiful moments when you’re able to express exactly who you are. Instagram isn’t the only place where you can show the colourful, fun and quirky side of your personality!
At the time Persona contacted us, they already had a website online.

But things just weren’t clicking.
After a brand audit that put several ideas in place, we designed a refreshed website and gave Persona a new direction to follow.
How fun is your sock drawer?

"At Persona, all of our luxury Egyptian cotton socks are bright, bold and colourful, just like you, so that you can live life colourfully and just the way you want. Before the status quo speaks up again – colours can be luxurious!"

- Prem

The project was divided into easy-to-follow phases and the complete process included:

  • Branding audit
  • Research and mood boarding
  • Content auditing and wireframing
  • Full website design and development (on Wix)



Egyptian cotton

About page

Mobile version

We spend most of our time on our phones. Having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must. Especially when most of the traffic is going to come from social media!

Have you ever felt like everyone wants you to act a certain way?

After our engagement, Persona has seen an increase in sales, and brand awareness. An on-brand online store is a crucial brand touchpoint to the success of a product-based business.

How colorful is your sock drawer?

Thank you!

GrowingDesign © 2022

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Dr. J. Rodríguez

Personal branding

Dr. J. is a master educator and recognized expert in message development for ethical team building, diverse leadership presence, and inclusive audience engagement.
Dr. J. reached out looking for clarity and guidance about the building of his own personal brand. He knows his strengths and the value of his work, but he also knew those features and benefits weren’t being communicated correctly.
With the proper framework, we took a step back, dug new foundations, explored new ideas, and defined key business concepts every brand should have clarified before they show up to the world.
Bee seen. Feel seen.
Make people feel seen, recognized, and that they belong through moments of solidarity and meaningful connection provided in the form of group and one-on-one teaching.

Brand values

Openness and honesty
Dr. J. is and requires his clients to be fully honest and open to change.
It takes courage to recognize we’re in a difficult situation, and then decided to do something about it.
Community and solidarity
In his constant pursue in belonging, Dr. J. knows and values the importance of a strong community. Often described as a feeling of unity, solidarity is a vessel to Dr. J. work
Love and empathy
Dr. J. always seeks to connect with others through empathy from a genuine concern. His brand comes from a place of love and willingness to pursue a greater good.
Fuelled by a strong sense of morality, Dr. J. expects his clients to be honest and equipped with moral principles as well.
The ability to look beyond bullshit and see with clarity so that you can act in alignment with the content of your character.
The eyes have it. The heart feels it. The soul knows it.
Dr. J. had already started an online presence, but he kept feeling his efforts weren’t getting him the results he deserved. He has now found his focus, his own path where he knows he’ll be appreciated and seen as the expert he truly is!
With the mind of a data scientist, the heart of a coach, and the spirit of a savvy strategist, Dr. J. talks the talk and walks the walk. He wants people to have a true sense of belonging, recognition, solidarity and above all, Dr. J. wants us to feel seen.



Brand photos

LinkedIn Profile

We’ve revised, redesigned, and re-wrote Dr.J.’s main brand touchpoint, his LinkedIn profile.

With a new banner image, a unique profile picture and the right messaging throughout, Dr. J. is getting new followers consistently.

Social Media Templates

We designed and prepared new social media post templates for Dr. J. These templates are easy to use and fulfill the brand and business needs to build awareness and capture new leads.
Connecting begins with you and ends with us.
Thank you!

GrowingDesign © 2022

Joel Sousa

Brand & Graphic Designer

I’m a brand identity & graphic designer passionate about helping businesses (re)create their brands the right way. I work with business owners 1:1 to help them dig deep and uncover their business’s true purpose and the goals they want to achieve with their brand.

Many of our clients are established entrepreneurs who have been in business for several years. They know the value they provide and where they want their business to go. However, most have never done the groundwork to match their brand to that inner conviction.

And let’s face it: your brand is more than a logo. It’s in everything you show up: your values, your personality, your drive, your mission, your messaging. It’s in the way you start a conversation, how you engage with your network, and how you present yourself and your company to the world.

I’ve been a graphic designer for over a decade, but since 2019, I’ve focused my work more on helping businesses create their brand foundation, designing complete Brand DNAs, and creating brand-aligned visuals.

I’m the first point of contact at GrowingDesign, and I’ll hold your hand (figuratively) through the entire process. At GrowingDesign, you work side by side with a personal team of creative freelancers, and together we’ll create a brand for you that is strong internally and externally.

I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia at the School of Art and Design in Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR), and am fluent in English, French, and Portuguese.

Interested in talking?