With 5+ years of experience in graphic design and a big focus on logo and full-brand identities. Let’s give your business a strong image it deserves.

This journey started back in 2009 when the interest of studying and exploring graphic design popped up. Since then, it’s been all sorts of experiences either in a professional sense or with personal projects. The studying part never stops, I need to keep learning and keep myself updated in order to deliver you, the best possible outcome of my work. 

I won’t work for you, we’ll work together. The main goal is to design something that you’ll identify with and for that, you’ll always be involved during the process. From experience, this is both a common request from experienced clients and myself. 

Clients and partners define me as a reliable, open and fast-responsive professional, deadlines are always agreed and met. 

Shoot me a message and let’s discuss your needs and goals! 

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