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freelancing myths

even with more and more creative people starting to work for themselves and starting their own hustle, myths about freelancing and freelancers are still around. 

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8 marketing terms
as creative freelancers, if you get familiar with these terms it will ease up the process of working with marketeers…

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getting your first client

here are 5 ways to get your first client. for every single one you’ll need to work hard and, we…

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what are mockups? for us designers, it’s super important to present our projects the best way possible. we need to…

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interviewing your clients

make your projects run smoother. wouldn’t it be wonderful to quickly understand, when talking to potential new clients, if they’re…

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brand dna

A big part of having a business, start-up or brand is understanding what we are, what we mean and who we want it to appeal to.

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quotes FROM and FOR designers

The most inspiring, fun and accurate quotes we’ve came across recently!

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What’s “branding”? And why is it fundamental to any successful business?

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GrowingCrafts is a project that was born from a printing order error. We found ourselves with a box of 3,000 unusable business cards!

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freelancing tips & tricks

Freelancing is hard work! Here are some tips you can use in everyday situations. Some insights we’ve gained with our own experience and in discussion with other fellow freelancers.

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