what are mockups?

for us designers, it’s super important to present our projects the best way possible. we need to show how our idea would work if it got approved. and for that there are hundreds of mockups online. mockups are photoshop files ready to show of our design quickly.

we’d like to share with you here, some of the websites where we get ours. they all have free assets ready to use for both personal and commercial projects. have fun!


Pixeden is a premium and free assets library, lot of great content here – the website looks a bit old school but it has some awesome mockups.

Zippy Pixels follows the same ideas as the previous one, but the assets seem to be more recent. worth to have a look.


unblast is completely free and has a bit of everything, not only mockups but vectors, fonts, even common dielines.

Mockup World is really a mockup world, you’ll pretty much find anything here, if you don’t, if you’re looking for that really specific thing, you’ll probably only find it in paid websites.

Mr. Mockups isn’t an infinite library but it has a lot of quality assets. totally worth to keep it bookmarked.

published on 22.10.2019

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