Freelancing is hard work! Here are some tips you can use in everyday situations. Some insights we’ve gained with our own experience and in discussion with other fellow freelancers.


#1 Asana 

Asana is a free, easy to use task manager. Keep track of everything with everyone. On the web while you’re on the computer and on-the-go with their app. We’ve been using it for years!

“Easily organize and plan workflows, projects, and more, so you can keep your team’s work on schedule” – asana.

#2 Schedule

Define a regular working time that you know you won’t fall off from too much. Or you might get caught up working too many long-nights, or worst, not enough during the day. 

Being a freelancer means being free, but you still gotta put in those hours!

#3 Two Screens

Take it further, increase your productivity with two screens. Multi-tasking is something we’re really good at. 

Don’t try to watch movies or series while working, you’ll end up not paying attention to both.

#4 Down Payments

We usually ask for 50% upfront before starting a project, mostly with new clients. To guarantee we’re getting paid, and on time. If the client has any issues with this, then that’s a red flag. 

Explain that this arrangement is a protection for both parties and that the project can’t move forward without it.

#5 Curated Portfolio

Your freelance portfolio should only contain the work you specialise in and want to accept. “Dress for the job you want”. 

There’s a huge difference between a freelance business portfolio and a school portfolio.

#6 Communication

Over-communicate every single details as much as possible before starting a new project. Something that might seem obvious to us, might not be to your client, and vice-versa. 

Your client might be expecting certain things, that might be ludicrous to us.


#7 Network 

Freelancing can be lonely. Especially if you work from home. Go to local exhibitions, consider visiting a co-working space to meet others like you, grab your laptop and spend the afternoon at a coffee shop… 

On the other-hand, don’t let a new workspace distract you from your work.

#8 Overdelivering

A simple idea that when it’s well done, will help you secure new clients. Just do a tiny bit more than what was initially discussed. 

Don’t “over-do-it”, some people will try to take advantage.

#9 Take Yourself Serious

Be professional when talking to clients, act as you were employed. Too many freelancers treat their work as a hobby, it’s hard to grow that way.

But don’t stress yourself, or fake it – people will sense that as an insecurity.

#10 Ask

Similar to point 6, ask. Ask questions, lots of them. From the beginning of any project you’ll need to know as much details as possible. Ensure you and your client are on the same page. 

We have a set of pre-made questions that basically apply to every project.

#11 Expect the Unexpected

Different projects will take different times to complete, if you’re not sure how long it will take, say it will take longer. 

It’s better to pleasantly surprise your client, to miss a deadline.

#12 Keep Learning

Keep updated, no matter the working area, freelancers have to keep learning, evolving, to always being able to deliver the very best of their work. 

A good way to do this is by watching the many available documentaries out there. We’ve been watching Netflix’s Abstract.

#13 Clients

You can choose clients too. You don’t need to accept every client that comes your way, just like a client chooses a freelancer, you can decide with who you want to work with. 

Even if you’re just starting, accepting one bad client will cost you time to find better ones.

#14 Take a Break

Taking a break every so often will help you clear your mind and re-focus. That, and healthy eating habits, exercise and water.

Usually every hour or hour and a half, works for us!

#15 References

Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool we got! Make sure to let the clients you got now, know you’d appreciate a referral when possible.

We value each others opinions.


Do you have any others in mind? Share with us in the comments!

published on 05.12.2018

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